The Keeper of Dreams, Vol. 2


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Format: Paperback, 168 pages

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Written by Matthew Keefer


The second volume of The Keeper of Dreams explores the questions of morality refracted through the prisms of dreams, the unlikely, and the surreal. “A House Burning” opens up on a crowd of the disaffected watching the ashes of their home smolder. As they turn away, one-by-one, they find their lives torn asunder – and brought into new meaning. “Time Stops For” follows a stone man-child stuck in a metaphysical and metaphorical timewarp. Inspired by classic Russian surrealism (Nabokov, Bulgakov) and modern sci-fi and absurdism (Douglas Adams, a Kafkaesque Ray Bradbury) these stories and poems ruminate upon the moral decisions made at the human limit, and beyond.




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