Measureless Oceans Press is an indie publishing company in New Bedford, Massachusetts. We specialize in speculative (fantasy, science fiction, fables etc.) and literary fiction. Our staff is small – very small – and we publish 1-2 titles per year.

We are a full-service press: we work from a manuscript up to printing and distribution (see note below) for those few manuscripts we accept. We may also provide select PR services as well. We provide a small advance on royalties to the authors.

NOTE: As of right now, we do not publish ebooks or paperbacks on Amazon, due to, yes, political reasons. Because we believe in supporting small businesses, we use a small press in Massachusetts to print our titles, Braintree Printing, Inc. This press aligns with out sense of environmental responsibility. Our titles are available in paperback on the Measureless Oceans site, and ebooks are available on Smashwords and other retailers. Physical products are mailed out on Saturday; products ordered on Saturday go out the following week. We apologize for any inconvenience. (We are currently not accepting manuscripts. We will provide updates on when we open to MSS quarterly – Jan., April, July, and Sept.)