The Keeper of Dreams vol 1

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Time travel, Shahrazad, the kiss of death. The Keeper of Dreams: A Dozen Stories and Poems, are stories of philosophical speculation, a literary fusion of realism and surrealism, much in the vein of Spielburg’s television series Amazing Stories and Nabokov’s Invitation to a Beheading. The title story is about a high school failure who slips into a coma and passes through an unfamiliar town as a ghost, albeit with the powers of Death. He must perform Death’s services under the direction of another unnamed spirit, even when he is most unprepared to do so. The Sentence follows the disintegration of two women who are shackled onto the ruddy soil of the Nevada desert. Who are they, and what is their crime? Is justice possible when the human body – with blood and blisters and shit – must be rent of its life? Spanning subjects such as crumbling musicians and a distant, self-indulgent future, this first collection of new and previously published pieces are snapshots of lives brought to the precipice.